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CHOJU Juice is Always Fresh

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We deliver to your door anywhere within Peel Region. Contact us for delivery arrangements in other GTA areas.

Organic Standards

We offer 100% certified organic & wild crafted products. We believe in being honest & transparent to serve you better. Read about our organic standards.

Always Fresh

Choju juice should be kept frozen as there are absolutely no preservatives in this juice. Once opened keep refrigerated & consume within 7 days.

Organic Standards

We use certified organic or wildcrafted ingredients.  Organic in law means 15% of the ingredients are organic and the remainder 85% can be non-organic.

Certified organic on the other hand, law states is 95% organic in that case it is very unlikely that they will then contaminate the certified organic product with the 5% non-organic.


Organic Juices With Great Taste.

Organic Juices have to taste great for me, I don’t care how healthy it is, if it doesn’t taste good,  I don’t want it.  That’s the main reason Choju Juice tastes is amazing.  We have spent years perfecting these juice blends to make sure that your palate will be aroused with every single sip.


Our Standards

There are no laws in place for heavy metal testing,  anything that comes in packages that you are consuming can have excessive amounts of unhealthy heavy metals that have been added to the food or improperly grown.

Always fresh

Choju juice needs to be kept Frozen because there is absolutely no preservative in this juice.  Once it is opened however it can stay in the refrigerator, but must be consumed within 7 days


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