About Health To Go & Our Healthy Juices

Health to go is a Community where you can come shop, learn, teach, explore and learn about healthy juices. Our mission is to find the best quality real food that is out there. All products that you see on Health To Go are certified organic and wild crafted. All our products are actually exceed certified organic standards.


Organic & Healthy Juices

Labels for all our healthy juices been checked every 6 months we ask new questions and revisit the labels for any changes. It costs money to change labels, when a company does that you want to make sure they didn’t add damaging ingredients like flavourings, GMO and any other chemicals.

Choju IRISH MOSS WITH SUPERFOOD BLENDS was created because we were having a difficult time finding nutrient rich real foods and healthy juices to eat and drink on the road.

We do not feel it makes sense to eat healthy at home and then have to buy unhealthy food on the road.


CHOJU Means Longevity

Choju means longevity, and we try our best in every single way to make sure that all our healthy juices are going to do just that. There are absolutely no preservatives in each of our juice blends for this reason they must be kept Frozen, once they are opened, they can be left in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Once you open a bottle you won’t want to stop drinking until there is none left!


Over 50+ Blends of Healthy Juices

With over 50 + Blends of our healthy juices you will never get bored of this Exquisite taste, let’s say one day you’re feeling a little bit fatigued then you’d want to drink a Maca to give you a boost of energy. If you are feeling for something fruity, have a pomegranate and strawberry, or dragon fruit, or even a soursop blend!

For all of our sports enthusiasts, 2 hours before you begin training you should drink your beet juice, then follow up immediately after training with our chocolate milk blend to recuperate faster.

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Contact us for insight on combinations that will suit your particular healthy lifestyle goals. We are always here to help!


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