Organic Juice


CHOJU IRISH MOSS WITH SUPERFOOD BLENDS  is the best out there in organic juice and can be used an a meal replacement.

Our quality standard is above organic standard. If our families will not consume a product neither should yours, we practice a system of GOOD, BETTER AND BEST.

Our Organic Juice

We can recommend superfood combinations that will assist you in your health life goals.



May prevent cardiovascular disease if consumed regularly


Energy food, while lowering your blood pressure hours after ingesting

Why Our Juice

Choju Irish moss with superfood blends is Vegan and plant based, this is the best organic juice out there, and it can also be used as a meal replacement!

With 50 + blends available, the tastes are so diverse and exquisite our organic juice can quench any food enthusiasts’ appetite.

The whole idea behind these juices was more than just being vegan and plant-based, we wanted to create a product that will give our customers nutrients and minerals on a daily basis to ensure that they are going to live a long and healthy life, hence the name of the company ¨Choju¨ which means longevity in Japanese.

To talk about Choju juice, I need to get a little technical. For instance, we strongly believe that the juices have to be organic, not only organic but all ingredients have to be tested, yes, we have done that! Glyphosate tested, heavy metal tested, and mold tested. We call this above organic standard!


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To find out more about our other Choju IRISH MOSS WITH SUPERFOOD BLENDS or for insight on combinations of our organic juice that will suit your healthy lifestyle send us a quick message.

We are here to help!



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