Some Collagen Beauty History

Collagen is one of the most important proteins that you have heard about but may not fully understand. It has been misrepresented by the cosmetics / beauty industry for years. A decade or so ago, several cosmetics companies based in France started selling face creams with collagen in it claiming that by slapping in on your face you could look much younger as it replenished and delivered youthful skin. Rather small jars were sold for hundreds of dollars with glamour companies in France pushing them world-wide. It was so clearly not true that eventually France launched a multi-year investigation culminating in 2017 with the French Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and the Prevention of Fraud releasing a report broadly damaging these cosmetics companies’ reputations and their overblown claims.

What The Cosmetics Industry Got Wrong

Turns out you can’t slap a paste on your face and take 10 year off the aging process the next morning waking up with youthful skin. Years later some people started injecting it into parts of their face. These are not natural actions that our bodies respond well to.

Who Knew! Well, actually real scientists knew. The reason they knew is that they understood the role that collagen plays in our bodies, and most importantly, how it works.

You see, much of our body is made of collagen, and we produce it naturally. But to produce enough of it we must eat the right foods that can supply our body with the building blocks to make it. Just like our muscles need a source of protein in our meals to build new muscle, we also need the correct food ingredients to produce suitable amounts.

What is Collagen?

Let us start with the explanation of what it is, and what it does in our bodies.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It makes up 70% of our skin and 30% of our body. Our arteries are structurally reinforced by it and our ligaments depend on it for strength and flexibility, while our joints depend on it to cushion bone against bone impact. Its also what gives our skin a full look with the ability to stretch without tearing, or excessive wrinkling and folding by rebounding tightly back into shape after the stretch.

How Does My Body Produce Collagen?

Let’s take a look at some of the nutrient that are needed to produce it in our bodies.

  • Amino acid protein.  This is the building block of collagen; it is needed to produce new collagen and in fact it builds the entire protein chain for every part of your body!
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are especially important to help coat the skin with a fatty membrane to keep moisture in and keep the skin from drying out. Omega 3 fatty acids are also anti-inflammatory nutrients that help to protect your collagen from being damaged.
  • Vitamin C helps to neutralize free radicals that destroy collagen, and it helps to synthesize collagen. Vitamin C assists in making new collagen while protecting the collagen we already have. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production.
  • Vitamin A is needed for formation and may also protect existing collagen.
  • Yet another important ingredient is Folate which is needed for skin cell division to help the body in the formation of new skin. The body sheds old skin in the form of approximately 40,000 skins cells every day and creates new skin our entire lives.
  • Lycopene, which is found in red fruits and vegetables is necessary for the body to fight off free radicals that will destroy collagen in the skin.
  • Carotenoid protects collagen in the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Taurine is necessary for our bodies to rebuild damaged collagen.

So now that you have a good idea of some of the requirements that our bodies demand to produce collagen lets look at what types of collagen we need.

There are 28 different types, however scientific research has mainly focused on Types I, II and III.

Collagen type I (native) is a protein found in our skin, blood vessels, and other tissues. Most collagen type I in supplement form comes from cows. But it can also come from eggshell membranes, pigs, fish, and a few other sources. Type I is most commonly used to support healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Type III Collagen also helps support skin and hair while Type II is more focused on joints and cartilage health.

Youthful Skin and Aging

When we are young, our bodies produce a great amount of collagen and that is what give us that smooth youthful skin glowing look!

Unfortunately, it becomes significantly less available to us as we age because our bodies have difficulty producing enough of it.  By age 21, we are losing 1% of our collagen production every year. This impedes the creation of new healthy skin and the ongoing skin repair process.

Many Things Damage Our Skin Every Day

Here are just few of the things that can damage the collagen in our skin on a daily basis that requires our bodies to produce more to replace and repair:

  • Everyday wear and tear such as skin abrasions.
  • Consuming a lot of refined sugar or refined carbohydrates. Refined products impede collagen from being able to repair damage.
  • Excessive time in the sun and/or sun tanning booths. Ultraviolet radiation damages our skin and reduces collagen production in our bodies.
  • Smoking. Smoking severely reduces the creation of collagen. This is why so many smokers look older than non-smokers.

The Importance of Adding Collagen to Your Diet

Let’s look at traditional methods of supplementation for collagen.

Bovine. This collagen is made by boiling different animal by-products together.

In essence there would be nothing wrong with this process however, these animals are grown in a factory farm filled with antibiotics and hormones. It’s the hoofs of the animal that is used to make the bovine.

All of these hoofs are from 100% GMO animals, their hoofs have never seen sunlight; why you ask? Well, these animals never go outside, and the hoofs are always covered in their own faeces.

Let’s not forget these animals are fed a diet of GMO corn and soybeans, as you know you are what you eat. This type of product can not be healthy to consume or safe for supporting your largest organ ¨the skin¨.

Synthetic Collagen. There are companies now producing Vegan collagen supplements in a lab, which is a synthetic form.  We do not believe anyone should use synthetic products for healthy skin.  Your supplements should be derived from Whole Foods.

Mainstream Medicine and Dermatologists Agree

Mainstream medicine, including many dermatologists agree that increasing collagen production is necessary for youthful skin, however many of them also are extremely leery of the sources of collagen building blocks as we have outlined above. This is why we have created a strict protocol for all our juice products that ensure there are no toxic substances including heavy metals, GMO’s, hormones, or antibiotics in any of them. All our products meet and exceed certified organic standards including our packaging (glass instead of plastic). Find out more about our company practices here.

Being The Best You Can Be

Collagen is an extremely popular and effective part of anyone’s beauty routine that will achieve youthful skin.

There is a saying: “We don’t get old, we get dehydrated”. Come and find out the truth: it’s just lack collagen in our body that makes us old looking. Maintain and repair your skin by feeding it the building blocks to maximize your own genetic potential for youthful skin and better health.

Choju is the first plant based Vegan Certified Organic Collagen Generator. Choju Irish Moss can help the body generate collagen protein when you consume these particular blends listed below.

Here is the list of Choju superfood blends that will assist you in this process. We recommend drinking 2 blends per day:

  • Irish moss and ashwagandha
  • Irish moss and Goji Berry
  • Irish moss and He Shou Wu
  • Irish moss and Moringa with Ginger
  • Irish moss and pomegranate with Strawberries
  • Irish moss and Pine Pollen
  • Irish moss and Gotu Kola
  • Irish moss and Noni

The Real Deal for The Real You

There is no magic potion that will make a 50-year-old look 20; no special ingredient that will turn someone who is 5’1” into someone who is 6”4” .

However there are foods that you can consume, that we make, that will help you achieve the best possible you by maximizing the genetics that you were gifted with on the day you were born. Be the best you that you can be by giving your body the building blocks it so deserves.

If you have questions call or email us, we are always ready to hep you reach your health goals!  All our products are certified organic and wildcrafted, plant-based, and vegan friendly. We’ve also taken the initiative to have third party testing for Heavy Metal, Glyphosate which is a powerful herbicide and crop desiccant, as well as Mold testing.

You will find a detailed and comprehensive description for each of our blends in our store.

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