Digestive Health

Converting the food that we eat into the nutrients our body requires to sustain life is the purview of our digestive system. Our digestive health is in a symbiotic relationship in that the higher the quality of nutrients in the food we eat the better our digestive system works, which in turn improves absorption function of our digestive system of those same nutrients. It is a beautifully designed system that self-improves as the nutrient quality improves that we supply to it.

Helping Our Digestive System

What we eat, how we eat and how we reward our bodies can have a major impact on our digestive health. Most of us understand the benefits of eating foods high in nutritional value, particularly ensuring that we consume enough fibre, avoid foods that are high in fat content and incorporate both probiotics and prebiotics into our diets.

But are you aware that a healthy digestive system needs both insoluble and soluble fiber? Insoluble fibres are not able to be digested by the body, so they take on the roll of roughage while soluble fibers absorb water.  In this way soluble and insoluble fibers work together to allow the intestinal tract to operate comfortably and efficiently removing waste from our system. The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation have been actively trying to inform Canadians of the importance of dietary fibre and prebiotics in improving digestive health.

Staying Hydrated for Digestive Health

Staying hydrated allows the soluble fibers in our digestive system to absorb enough water to keep the digestive track well lubricated and moving. One of the by-products of becoming dehydrated is becoming constipated which reduces the efficiency of the entire nutrition processing systems our bodies rely upon for good health.

Exercise and Stress

At first blush you may wonder how exercise helps our digestive health, but upon further examination it becomes fairly obvious. Physical exercise increases blood flow to our digestive system muscles. This entire process is called peristalsis. It helps the entire system move along efficiently. You may have noticed that if you have not had your daily bowl movement yet and you take a long walk or brisk bicycle ride a bowl movement becomes imminent when you stop exercising. This is peristalsis in action.

Stress can cause the opposition to happen. Stress will affect the digestive system in a variety of ways. Stress can induce painful cramping due to muscle spasm in the digestive tract, interfere with the absorption of nutrients and increase the production of gas.

It’s All Connected

One of the ways we can reduce stress is by physical exercise. By now I suspect that you are seeing a trend in how well integrated the human digestive system is. Let’s take a quick refresher on how truly integrated our digestive health system is:

Eating high quality nutrients improves the digestive system which in turn improves the absorption of those high-quality nutrients which then provides our bodies with the energy for physical work which in turn reduces stress which in turn improves the function of our digestive system allowing for proper bowel movement.

Seeing as we require food and water for basic survival it is hardly surprising to see how well designed, and how interdependent and well integrated the entire digestive system is.

Improving Digestive Health

Potassium goes a long way in aiding digestion, as we age our gut health becomes a lot more dire, most people you come in contact with have some type of gut issue. The wonderful thing about our CHOJU juiceblendz is that our Super Foods will help to improve your immune function, cognitive function and especially your digestive function.

The Irish Moss behaves like a soluble fibre in the digestive tract, hence making this combination of Irish moss with superfoods ideal for those that are having issues such as leaky gut.

Here is a list of Choju Irish Moss with superfood blends that will aid in digestive gut health.

Choju Irish Moss with Maca
Choju Irish Moss with Spirulina
Choju Irish Moss with Turmeric with Blackpepper
Choju Irish Moss with Turmeric, chia, and Ginger
Choju Irish Moss with Moringa and Ginger
Choju Irish Moss with Matcha Green Tea and Cinnamon

Our company has worked very hard on creating a product that is safe for the entire family to consume. Our products are certified organic and wildcrafted, plant-based, and vegan friendly. We’ve also taken the initiative to have third party testing for Heavy Metal, Glyphosate which is a powerful herbicide and crop desiccant, as well as Mold testing.

Each of the digestive health improving blends mentioned above are now available in our store.

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