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Spirulina or Arthrospira is a blue-green alga that became famous after it was successfully used by NASA as a dietary supplement for astronauts on space missions. NASA made the right choice using this supplement and so can you simply by drinking a delicious Choju Irish Sea Moss Green Spirulina Smoothie. It truly is the perfect organic vegan plant based juice.

Today the colour green is associated with good health for both for the planet and for the best food we consume. Few foods deserve this association more than Spirulina as found in our Choju Irish Sea Moss Green Spirulina Smoothie. It truly deserves its magnificent green colour, and you will find it is your new lucky charm towards improved health.

Our Green Spirulina Smoothie Has The Right Formula

Here at Choju, we have invested a lot of time and money testing many different brands of Spirulina, and many have come up short, not meeting our base standards.  We continue to do our due diligence by finding the cleanest and purest ingredients so we can give you a proper cleansing and detoxification which is what it was meant to do.

The ingredients in our organic vegan Green Spirulina Smoothie are Organic Spirulina, Organic Almond milk, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic and Wildcrafted Herbs and Spices, R/O filtered water, and of course wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss which is in all our smoothies.

Our Green Spirulina Smoothie Testing

Importantly, all our Choju ingredients are glyphosate tested, heavy metal tested, and mold tested. Organic standards do not require testing for heavy metals, for this reason many competitor organic products can contain extremely high amounts of heavy metals.  

Seeing as one of Spirulina´s benefits is to remove heavy metals from the body, how ridiculous would it be, to take a product that its purpose is to remove heavy metals while putting heavy metals back in your body. You will receive absolutely zero health benefit from consuming a product not properly formulated with quality ingredients.

Have One For Breakfast

A plant-based juice like our green spirulina smoothie is perfect for modern day living because of it is loaded with energizing nutrients and compounds that detoxify the body. It contains a strong phycocyanin compound with gamma linolenic acid GLA which helps fight inflammation. This green spirulina smoothie is a plant-based juice that is perfect as a meal replacement, try it for breakfast and start your day off healthy.

Spirulina Smoothies Have a Terrific Nutritional Profile

Spirulina Smoothies are a superfood juice packed with protein and vitamins. Every gram of spirulina is packed with protein, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and vitamin C. It also contains thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, Vitamin A and Vitamin K, all while being exceptionally low in fat. It is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and is considered a superfood.

What Do All These Nutrients In a Spirulina Smoothie Do For Me?

Well, there are a host of improvements and heath benefits spirulina smoothies can provide you with. Let’s start with cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol Control

You have no doubt heard people discuss that there is good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). To be clear, the human body requires cholesterol, it is a repair material that the body requires and also helps the brain in memory functions. The problem with high levels of LDL cholesterol is that it is “fatty” and sticks to arteries and continues to add layers, eventually clogging the arteries. This is one of the reasons why doctors are so adamant about lowering LDL cholesterol levels as this type of heart disease is the number one killer of humans in North America. Drinking a spirulina smoothie every morning is a healthy step in the right direction.

Numerous studies have determined that spirulina can help reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol levels in humans. Not only that, but several studies indicate that it can simultaneously reduce blood pressure. High cholesterol levels combined with high blood pressure is the leading cause & indicator of heart disease in Canada today.

Here are several studies showing reductions in cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure reductions due to consuming spirulina.

Clearly, the ability to reduce excessive cholesterol levels and help avoid high blood pressure by eating healthy foods while consuming a great tasting spirulina smoothie is a smart choice!  We recommend drinking it as part of your breakfast smoothie diet for a major health win!

The number one medical prescription in North America today is for cholesterol reducing statins. Look at the side affects of alternatively taking statin medications to try reducing your cholesterol levels. Simply Google “statin side affects” or “statin induced back pain” to see the tremendous issues awaiting people who must take doctor prescribed statins to help deal with high cholesterol levels to avoid heart disease. spirulina smoothie or statin medication, which do you prefer?

Spirulina Smoothies can assist with Diabetes Control

Blood sugar control is a major factor when trying to control Diabetes.  Eating properly is an important aspect of controlling blood sugar and therefore diabetes. Several studies indicate that spirulina can assist with blood sugar to help control diabetes. This suggests consuming a spirulina smoothie can assist in lowering blood sugars, increasing natural insulin levels and improving the liver enzyme markers that help control diabetes. Here are some detailed studies:

This study suggests that spirulina may even outperform a popular diabetes drug:

Meta Boost & Endurance

Many people that consume spirulina experience a metabolism boost. This increased energy and well being is also one of the reasons that a spirulina smoothie can be a great weight loss aid. Increasing your metabolic rate increases the number of calories your body burns at idle as well as provides you more “energy” to perform exercise.

Replacing a breakfast cereal with a spirulina smoothie is a healthy way to start your weight reduction program.  On the other hand, adding a spirulina smoothie to your existing diet is a superb way of adding energy to your physical workouts if not trying to lose weight.

Recuperation from physical exercise is when the body adds muscle and lean body mass. During this recovery phrase foods with antioxidant properties like spirulina can help minimize this damage and allow maximum muscle growth.

 Oxidation caused by exercise results in muscle fatigue. Studies indicate that spirulina can enhance endurance postponing muscle fatigue and there by increasing muscle endurance and stamina. Here is a recent antioxidant study. Have a great tasting spirulina smoothie to maximize your workouts!

Wait, There’s More!

There are many other real health benefits to consuming a spirulina smoothie, especially considering that ours also contain a second superfood called sea moss! Some of the other health benefits found in spirulina include improved gut health, reduced allergy reactions, antitoxic cleanse, improved mental health and alertness, resistance to anemia and anti-inflammation properties.

Free Advice On Our Plant Based Juice!

Our knowledgeable staff are available to discuss your individual needs, the benefits of different ingredients and custom development of plant based juice blends that can improve your life through better health. To find out more about our spirulina smoothie with sea moss benefits and how they may affect you or your family feel free to contact us and speak with our formulation specialist about your specific needs. Visit our store or contact us!

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