Healthy living & Your Digestive System

Healthy Living requires a few basics such as clean air, clean water as well as a source of nutritious food to supply our digestive system.  Our digestive system is a complex group of organs that include the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and rectum that are supported by the pancreas, gallbladder and liver. One of the primary objectives of the Digestive system is to break down what we consume and make the nutrients they contain available for absorption in the body then collect the left-over waste and dispose of it. Ignoring digestive health problems can and will lead to major health problems in every part of your body as nutrients are deprived from critical organs that are required for good health. For more detailed information read our article on Digestive Health.

Food Reactions

Some foods are more easily broken down than others and some people are more tolerant of different foods than others. The digestive system is both complex and very personal. One person may react well to some foods and ingredients while another may have very serious reactions to the same foods or ingredients. In the most serious cases people may die from eating a food they are extremely allergic to such as shellfish, nuts or tomatoes.

But far more common is that many people may just experience indigestion or a simple digestive tract discomfort without really understanding which particular food they consumed that day has caused it. Dairy products are a common one for many people that can cause discomfort or digestive system disruption. Living healthy depends on eating healthy for your digestive system. You can find more information on digestive health at the Candian Digestive Health Foundation.

To Live Healthy Control Your Diet

Controlling your diet in a manner that closely monitors what you eat every day for a month or more can help the average person identify which foods help their digestive system and which foods they are sensitive to.

Healthy Living requires efficient Absorption of nutrients. Not all foods and food sources are equal in terms of the quantity and quality of nutrients supplied. An apple that has been stored in a supermarket warehouse for 12 months may not contain the level of vitamins and nutrients it did the week it was first picked.

Processed Foods Are Detrimental To Healthy Living

Processing foods can remove the nutrients and replace them with “bad ingredients”. Often sugar is added to replace the natural taste lost during processing and sodium added to preserve it for a long shelf life. Both are detrimental to your health. The processed food aging in a grocery warehouse is not doing whatever nutrients were still left in it any good and will not do much good for you either.

Preparation Is Important

Sometimes, just the improper preparation of even organic ingredients can result in that product containing heavy metals which are of course extremely bad for you to consume. Living healthy requires some time and effort or that you find a trusted source of healthy foods with quality ingredients; we are that source! Read about how we deal with Organic Standards and Heavy Metals.

Why We Have So Many Blends

We created many varied juice blends because the human digestive system is a very personal system that reacts quickly to what we consume. If you have controlled your diet and identified what works and does not with your particular digestive system, we can recommend which of our blends will compliment your plan for healthy living.

If you have not yet developed a plan for healthy living yet, then call us and let us put one together for you that you can follow easily in a mere 5 minutes daily.

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