How Do You Make Tasty Healthy Smoothies?

So the most popular question we continuously receive from new customers is: How did you make such tasty health juices? Why don’t other healthy smoothies taste this good? The questions are sometimes much more specific like: How come your Beet Juice does not taste like dirt? I thought Irish Moss was supposed to taste like very strong ocean water, what did you do? I’ve had the superfood Spirulina before why doesn’t yours taste like a mouthful of bad lake water?

Secret Recipe for Tasty Health Juices

We have a secret. We developed a secret recipe combining organic herbs and spice that produce a savory yet slightly sweet effect that is in all our juices. An experienced pallet will be able to determine that there is a unique DNA common to all our tasty health juices. We call it our Healthy Flavour DNA.  It’s in all our healthy smoothies. It is why our beet juice does not taste like dirt, it is why we can include the superfood Irish moss in all our blends, yet each blend is true to their main ingredient and they all taste great.

Other Healthy Smoothies Have Failed

You may have tried poor tasting healthy smoothies before, many of our competitors just throw in the ingredient and hope you’ll just wrinkle your nose, hold your breath and gulp it down for health. We spent years doing it differently. It took a long time, but the effort was worth it and our healthy flavour DNA is now in all our tasty health juices. A popular Food Director at Bon Appetit tried for a week to make Spirulina taste good and well, I think they failed because they ended up using it only as a garnish. They expected results in a week when in fact, understanding this chemistry takes many months of work.

Herbs & Spices For Tasty Green Juices

The key to making a tasty green smoothie is not adding a teaspoon of sugar, that is not what our clients want, the key is finding the right selection of herbs and spices that can compliment and work with the natural tastes and how the ingredients are initially prepared that makes all the difference.

Doctor Recommends Beet Juice We Recommend It Taste Good

We have a client that saw an article written by doctors on WebMD recommending Beet Juice for improved performance. However, after trying a popular beet juice from his gym last year he spit it up because it tasted like dirt. Fellow athletes at his gym advised to just chug it in one gulp and get it over with. We gave him our 100% certified organic / wildcrafted beet juice smoothie and that put an end to his unpleasant chugging for health experiences. Our healthy flavour DNA guarantees all our healthy smoothies are tasty. Tasty green smoothies really are a thing here at Choju Organic Juice, come find out for yourself!

The Benefits of a Healthy Smoothie

Most people understand, just by reading the ingredients lists, that a healthy smoothie has the potential of adding real health benefits if you can work it into your daily diet. So where do you start? Well, how about at the beginning of your day, at breakfast!!

Breakfast is the single most popular time people on the go choose to add a healthy smoothie to their meal planning. It has the benefits of exceeding your morning nutritional requirements combined with being the quickest breakfast meal you can consume. Heck you can even drink one while walking to the car or down the hallway to get your coat. Convenience, taste, and nutritional benefits do not come in an easier to consume form than one of our healthy smoothies!

Others find that it is a great mid day snack that hits the spot and provides that boost when they need it most. Reaching for a nutrition laced healthy smoothie rather than a fat ladened granola bar makes for a much smarter and healthier choice any time through out your day.

The health benefits of consuming one of our healthy smoothies goes far beyond just the nutritional benefits of adding our vitamins and minerals to your diet. You will all experience the healthy boost that consuming an increase of high-quality fibre.  Having an adequate level of quality fibre in your diet provides important health benefits such as reduced risk of chronic illness including heart disease and diabetes. Consuming a fibre rich superfood like out healthy smoothies means your entire health levels increase including energy, mental, and physical well being.

Weight Gain Struggles – Healthy Weight Loss

If you are struggling with weight gain, then consider a great tasting healthy smoothie as a dinner time meal replacement until you get your weight under control and then continue with your healthy smoothie as a breakfast meal replacement instead of dinner.

Not All Smoothies Are Healthy Smoothies

Not every smoothie is healthy, some commercial smoothies are filled with sugar as well as second rate ingredients that are nutritionally depleted long before being used to make the smoothie. Ensuring that you are consuming a healthy smoothie means making sure that you are using GMO ingredients that 100% organic certified, fresh, and packaged in glass bottle instead of plastics that leak chemical contaminates into your juice. Read more about our industry leading Quality Standards.

All our healthy smoothies are 100% organic certified, Vegan, and GMO free. All of our healthy juices are bottled in glass bottles to ensure they are free from plastics chemicals seepage. Every ingredient is inspected and free of contaminates. Our healthy juices are all made from superfoods Spirulina and Irish Sea Moss plus vegetables and fruits.

Free Advice On Our Various Tasty Green Juices!

Our organic juices made with fruits have different benefits than our healthy smoothies made with vegetables. There are some of our recipes aimed as specific health targets for men and others specifically for women. If you have a specific health issue you are targeting or seeking a formula for a specific age of woman or man in your family, feel free to contact us. You will speak with one of our superfood nutrition formulation experts who will suggest the best choices for your individual needs out of our 50+ different formulas.

Speaking to us about the flavours we offer, the benefits of different ingredients and flavour development of great tasty health juices that can improve your life through better health is something we encourage! Visit our store or contact us!

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