100% GMO Free Certified Organic Energy Drink

Forget about coffee; I have a better suggestion for you: grab yourself a bottle of Choju. An organic energy drink that will last, and certainly not leave you in the past.

One of the main causes for tiredness and lack of energy is the absence of nutritional food. In today’s fast-paced environment we truly are choosing convenience over quality much too often. It is convenient to order from food delivery sources to bring you what you need, if you want something hot and quick, if you want something sweet and fast, they got you. They’ve got you alright, in a body bag just waiting to zip you up. Yes, it’s that serious some of these processed drinks and foods are killing us.

When the body is lacking nutrients it’s going to show itself physically and this physicality is going to be different for every 30% of the population. Choju Irish Sea Moss with Superfood Blends offers over 50+ blends and we are always searching for new herbs to make more blends depending upon the needs of our clients. It is the world’s perfect natual organic energy drink .Each client is very different and unique in their own way, we can create a program for each and every single one of you, if that is what you require, just ask!


Organic Energy Drink That Lasts

Here is a list of how the lack of nutrients in the body can show up physically in the body to now give the appearance of lack of energy:

Lack of self care: This form of lack of energy includes things such as Depression, Anxiety, Lacking in Motivation, not getting Enough Sleep, Overworked, Lack of Exercise, and Boredom.

Physical Disorder Caused from lack of energy: Asthma, Allergies, Heart Disease, Chronic Pain, Weight Gain, Dry Skin, Cold Sensitivity, Constipation, Shortness of Breath, Lung and Heart

Now that we see a pattern, how do we go forward in making sure that the lack of energy caused from lack of self-care does not turn into physical disorder? And how can Choju Irish Sea Moss organic energy juice help you?

16 Organic Energy Juice Blends

Here is a list of 16 of our extraordinary blends, just so you have an idea of our commitment to our customers. keep in mind are 50 + Blends, are all superfoods, they’re mainly adaptogenic herbs, Immune system building herbs, and herbs for Longevity.


Gotu Kola
Turmeric and Black Pepper


Moringa and Ginger
He shou wu


Purple Corn
Tang Kat Ali

Pine Pollen
Goji Berry
Beet Root

We Are Here To Support You

Order today you organic energy drink now! Our company has worked very hard on creating a product that is safe for the entire family to consume. Our products are certified organic and wildcrafted, plant-based, and vegan friendly. We’ve also taken the initiative to have third party testing for Heavy Metal, Glyphosate which is a powerful herbicide and crop desiccant, as well as Mold testing. We consider our standards above organic, it is something that we’ve coined, It’s called ¨Certified Brian¨ you will see this term all over the website, we’ve partnered up with. This website is dedicated to health, we believe in the system of Good, Better and Best!

You will find a detailed and comprehensive description for each of those 16 Blends in our store.

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