In the Beginning There Was Spirulina

Spirulina is the oldest living life form on planet Earth. This blue and green algae started covering the earth 3.5 billion years ago nurturing this planet and was the beginning all life forms on it. This was the perfect food ingredient in the beginning and remains the perfect food ingredient today, it is a foundation food for the entire planet and it is also a foundation food in one of our Green Vegan Smoothies.

As a life foundation food, Spirulina turns the carbon dioxide in your body into oxygen just as it has also done on the planet back at the very beginning. It’s benefits are many, for instance If you are experiencing radiation toxicity, spirulina can help to clear it out of your system.

Spirulina can also transform your low vibrational acidic  body, into a power house with protein, vitamins, and phytonutrients just to name a few of the benefits it has.

It Nurtured Mankind From The Beginning

Many tribes around the world would harvest Spirulina which grow in the rivers and made patties which they would eat.  At that time, it was just a simple and easily available food that grew everywhere.

Today however, it is called a superfood with many health professionals advising to take it as a dietary supplement.  Today some pharmacies will try to convince people that various medications and chemical additives can do the same job. Unfortunately, man-made chemicals will not achieve the same results that this planet’s foundation food, the very first living food the earth herself has created for us, can achieve.

How Your Family Can Consume It

Simply drinking one of our Spirulina with Irish Moss blends. It can even eliminate malnourishment due to its nutritional value and is safe for the entire family to drink.

Spirulina is Safe For Children

1-3 grams of spirulina is good for a young child.
1 teaspoon of spirulina = 3 grams
In one bottle of our Choju organic vegan Irish sea moss with spirulina blend there are 1.5 grams of spirulina, which is a safe amount for a young child to consume as part of their diet. 

Weight Loss Tool

Here at, we are a team of Nutritionist,  Organic health coaches, Herbalists, mothers and fathers.

Many people are trying to lose weight and sometimes make unhealthy life choices to achieve that goal. By introducing this superfood into your diet you can can supercharge your weight loss journey, because spirulina is both low in calories and extremely high in nutrients.  You can safely lose those extra pounds knowing that you will not lose nutrients as the same time.

The United Nations Declares Spirulina The Perfect Food

In 1974 the United Nations World Food Conference said that it is the most ideal food for mankind, that Spirulina, the oldest living life life form on earth, was the perfect food!

We agree with them, that is why Choju Organic Vegan Irish Moss with Superfood Blends offers the blue and green spirulina smoothies. They both have a very unique taste, the taste of the two blends are very different. If you have never tried one before, you might find it is a new beginning for you that mother earth had been waiting for you to enjoy for a very long time.

Advice On Which Vegan SuperFood Will Help You!

Our knowledgeable staff are available to discuss your individual needs, the benefits of different ingredients and custom development of blends that can improve your life through better health. Visit our store or contact us!

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